Karen Sauer

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Indianapolis, Carmel and surrounding areas

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I was born and raised a Hoosier and come to GPR with a Sales and Marketing background. My spare time is spent in my art studio or with animal rescue (not just dogs and cats, but also geese, ducks, bunnies, raccoons, etc.). Also I visit nursing homes dressed up as a rabbit and pass out chocolate shaped like a carrot. No one is a stranger to me, once I know you, you are like family. My proudest achievement was when the adoptions of my two kids from foster care were finalized (they were 12 and 13 at the time). I also have two dogs (Pheebe and Joey -yes from Friends! Chandler, Monica, and ugly naked guy have since passed). I am focused on helping you find a house and make it your home (and can include a free dog or cat if you want - LOL). Fun facts: I was a professional clown at age 16 and danced on stage with MC Hammer.

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(317) 662-4710

176 Logan St.  Noblesville, IN 46060  
Licensed in Indiana. RC51700049
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