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Our Story


I sat in the classroom at a large local real estate brokerage in Indianapolis.  I was thrilled to finally start my REALTOR® career with a well-known local company where I could thrive and fulfill my dreams in real estate.


The instructor asked us to write down what made us unique - what made us different in getting noticed in a sea of over 6,000 real estate agents around Indianapolis.


I sat there and thought of the millionaire agents in my office, their teams and popular agents around metro Indianapolis.


Honestly, I was no smarter than anyone else, others had far more experience than me and certainly most everyone else was more photogenic (lol).  


What did I have to offer?  Why would home sellers and buyers choose to work with me?


Then a searing memory returned. 

It was the spring of 2008 and we were attempting to sell our home “by owner” in northern Michigan.


The economy in Michigan that year had taken a downturn and we couldn’t find a buyer.  Even if we could sell our home we would have to reduce our price lower than it was worth or even bring money to the table -- JUST TO SELL!


Eventually we acquiesced and hired a popular local REALTOR® who within a few days sold our house.


We were thrilled - until we realized that the agent had charged us 7% commissions putting us upside down.  We had to take $16,000 from our savings just to pay the REALTOR®.  With four young kids at the time it was a painful move but we had to do it.


Little did I know at the time that this would become the spark that ten years later would turn into a roaring fire.

If you are thinking of selling your home, let us email you a "no-obligation" estimate.

We are grateful for the opportunity!

Mark Perrine

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