Lower, but no low enough

A few months ago my wife and I put our house on the market briefly to see what would happen. We took it off the market two weeks later. Now that our house has officially EXPIRED on the MLS - every Tom, Dick and Harry are sending me mail trying to get me as a client. The two that have amused me the most are a Remax agent and an agent who does a a lot of volume on th south side of Indy. Both are touting their 4.5% commission.

To that I say - GOOD START!

Green Pocket Realty has built a solid foundation of providing value to clients through our 3.9% commission listing.

We don't pay the huge overhead that our competitors do for things like hot air balloons, executive pensions and fancy EXPENSIVE office buildings that are rarely used by clients.

Take a breath of fresh air and tell your friends and family about Green Pocket Realty! In our first year we are in the TOP 20% OF ALL OFFICES IN MIBOR - OUR MLS.

Visit us today at www.greenpocketrealty.com