Virtue Agents

virtue agents

Is your real estate agent attracting you by their generosity in giving back a portion of their commissions to a charity of your choice?

Sounds like a wonderful idea except for one thing. Are they still charging you an outrageous 6% to list your house! On a $250,000 house that is $15,000!

Since most agents generally spit their commission with a cooperating buyers agent- that is 3% per side. So in that case your listing agent would receive 3% of $250,000 which would be $7,500.

Because the agent is getting such a wonderful sum- of course they can "afford" to give 10% to a charity of your choice - a whopping $750! But what if...

What if instead of 6% coming out of your pocket- what if only 3.9% came out? Then think of what YOU could do with that difference. In the case above you would have an extra...

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Instead of virtue signaling to gain empathetic clients- we simply charge less commissions and let YOU decide how to spend your savings. You could:

  • donate to a charity of your choice, OR

  • lower your home price so that is sells quicker and you still NET the same money at closing. OR

  • use that extra money for a bigger down payment on your next home, OR

  • take your family on a nicer vacation, OR

  • whatever you like!

We at Green Pocket Realty believe that real virtue is giving back to our clients and letting THEM decide how to spend their hard earned money.