BEWARE - Agent Recruiting Gimmicks

This morning I woke up to see an email from a large local real estate company seeking to hire new agents. For fun, I followed the email link to their webpage showing me all the advantages I would have being an agent at this company. Funny thing is that I used to work at this company (and got my start there). Some of the things they advertise are misleading.

This company encourages agents to charge 6%-7% in seller commissions like a vast majority of real estate companies. This happened to me! Thankfully we found a better way.

[Company name withdrawn] exclusive multi-media Home Marketing System. Only [name withdrawn] has a complete marketing program that exposes your listings to more potential buyers.

Wrong. Green Pocket Realty has a complete marketing system as do most reputable brokers in Indianapolis.

Everyone uses the internet to find homes, right? Sure they do. But if they miss yours, they'll find [name withdrawn] listings in the local paper, on TV, on all national websites and more.

Few, if any, search for homes in the local paper or on TV. People look for homes on the Internet! Maybe [name withdrawn] spend their ad dollars on TV and newspapers – but do you want YOUR broker wasting money on those things?

Our goal: use a wide-ranging multimedia plan to sell it faster and for more money. If you're listing a home, don't you want to reach every possible buyer in every possible way?

Not necessarily, there are probably some buyers who get their information on the back of cereal boxes – that doesn’t mean we waste money adverting our listing there. By the way, what good is selling a house for more money if the company takes more from the seller in high commissions?

[name withdrawn] 's exclusive Home Marketing System is a proven system, providing wide exposure for your listing, from complete internet presence to mass media and online advertising.

The great myth to uninformed client and new agent is that a complete internet presence in only reserved for the giant real estate companies. Any member of MIBOR in our market has all their listings syndicated to over 80 major internet portals such as Zillow,, Trulia and many more. This company has no unique advantage over any other MIBOR member in our market when it comes to listing syndication on the internet.

No one else has as comprehensive a program. A sign in the yard and an internet listing isn't enough. We will advertise and market your listing more aggressively than anyone. It will be visible and seen by more prospective buyers. If you've been told that your broker's own website will do the work, you're not getting any value for what you're paying them..

Wow. Read that again. “No one else has…”. Green Pocket Realty has the best looking yard signs, sign posts, full color property brochures, listing presentations, drone video and photography of any real estate company in our market. Period. Don’t believe it? Let us compare!


Our new website provides great tools for buyers and for you. Plus you'll have a custom website on which your clients and sphere search for homes. That means hundreds of local websites on which your home is featured, each with hundreds of unique visitors each month.

Big companies like this one spend hundreds of thousands of dollars attempting to replicate the industry leaders