"Discount Brokers"

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This is no April fools!

When "discount" companies such as REDFIN and REX HOMES say they charge"1% listing fee" or "2% listing fee

...please remember that is only for their LISTING SIDE!

Since over 90% of buyers come from ANOTHER AGENT - how will that other agent get paid?

Answer: Most likely from you (the seller) paying an additional 3%.

These "discount" companies are fooling uneducated home sellers that their costs will be low, BUT ONLY if the buyers come from that same agent (highly unlikely).

These same companies tout their "cutting-edge technology" as the game changer, however...

ALL REALTORS USE THE MLS - regardless of the technology used. Your app may sing to you or even make you breakfast- but the visibility of your listing will be JUST AS GREAT with any company using the MLS which means your listing is automatically simulcast to hundreds of companies such as Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com.

Bottom line: Anyone with an internet connection or a Realtor will see your home!

We here at Green Pocket Realty have solved all the issues with paying less to sell your home!

We ALWAYS COMPENSATE the cooperating agent (buyers agent) so when we say we sell your house for 3.9% - we mean .9% to us AND 3% to the agent who brings a buyer! NO GIMMICKS!

Also unlike super cheap companies that simply put your house on the MLS for a flat fee then forget about you -we provide FULL BROKERAGE SERVICE.

Full brokerage service means the service you should expect from a 7% Realtor working for a large brokerage franchise.

Don't get sucked in be deceptive company tactics designed to reward their shareholders!

Call Green Pocket Realty for a free estimate! (317) 662-4710.

Sell. Save. Celebrate!