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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do most agents in Indianapolis charge 6% or 7% commission?
    Big brokerages have fancy offices, highly paid corporate CEO’s and expensive marketing budgets......we believe those things have LITTLE IMPACT on selling your home. Technology and efficiencies have rendered old real estate practices obsolete. Yet legacy agents continue to gouge clients with high commissions and sometimes extra fees at closing. We put OUR CLIENTS FIRST - nothing else. Greedy agents charging 6%-7% commission love to insult disrupters like us by saying "You get what you pay for".... our response is: YOU ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR WITH A 6% AGENT --- AN OVERPRICED AGENT Don't take our word for our REAL Zillow reviews!
  • Is your 3.9% commission “across the board”?
    Our lowest rates are predicated on being involved in your future purchase. Most of our clients fall into the 3.9% category, however we will always beat our competitors regardless of the situation. We base our commissions on THREE factors: 1. PRICE OF HOME (the higher the price the lower our commissions go) 2. YOUR FUTURE PLANS (if we can represent you in the future - our rates go down) 3. WHO PROCURES YOUR BUYER (most buyers already have an agent, but if we secure a buyer WITHOUT AN AGENT, we will lower our rates even further!
  • What’s the catch?
    Let us be involved in your future purchase (within 6 months) AFTER SELLING when you go to purchase your next home (or build), let us be your buyer’s agent! Even if you are building new or moving out of town, let us be involved. If you are building a NEW CONSTRUCTION - DO NOT sign anything with the builder until you talk with us first - otherwise you're flushing thousands of YOUR dollars down the drain. If you are moving out of town - Let us find you a great REALTOR® in the city you are moving to. Let us contact them FIRST. We have a nationwide network of AWESOME REALTORS throughout America - we will connect you to our REFERRAL PARTNERS so you get the best experience. If you already know an agent you would like to work with in that area - LET US CALL THEM FIRST to set up a referral so that you win on commissions here.
  • Do you compensate buyers agents that bring buyers?
    Of course! Of the 3.9% we collect from sellers at closing, we pay the cooperating buyers agent fully for their services. We take the hit on our listing side because we value your future business after the sale is completed.
  • OK, 3.9% sounds great - but how much money am I saving?"
    What could you do with your savings? + Help with kids college? + Go on a family vacation? + Donate to a charity? + If your home expired with another agent, lower your home selling price so that it sells?
  • Will you put my house on the MLS?
    OF COURSE! Additionally, when your listing goes on the MLS, it is simulcast (broadcast) automatically to hundreds of websites like Zillow®, Trulia® and Realtor®.com and hundreds more! Just like every REALTOR® in our market. Don’t fall for the line that a company “is different” because they put your home on the MLS® and Zillow. All full-service brokerages do that for you.
  • Do you "guarantee" your rate?"
    YES! WE GUARANTEE WE WILL BEAT THE LOWEST COMMISSION RATE OF ANY OTHER FULL-SERVICE REALTOR. If you can show us that another FULL SERVICE REALTOR is offering a lower rate we will beat it by .01%.
  • What if I already have a buyer, will you discount your rate even further?"
    YES - if you are selling and you already know a buyer who is WITHOUT A REALTOR®. Stated another way - if there is no buyers agent that means we don't have to pay them! So we lower our fee even more for you!
  • Do you donate a portion of your commissions to charity ?
    If your agent is promising to donate 10% of their commission "in your name" to a charity of your choice - please know that it's not much! Consider this... If a house sells for $350,000 and the agent charges you 6% commission - you are paying them $21,000 in commissions. That agent ends up with half so $10,500. They then donate 10% of that to charity - so they donate $1,050. Instead, we give back far more and let YOU decide how to spend YOUR MONEY. In the same scenario above, instead of us donating $1,050 to charity, we give back $7,350 to you. (because instead of charging you 6% commissions- we only charge 3.9%) YOU DECIDE how to spend your money - not us.
  • Do you have a community "Heroes" discount program?"
    We love our policemen, firefighters, hospital workers, emergency personnel, teachers and public servants. And we also love all harworking Americans so.... WE OFFER OUR LOW RATES TO EVERYONE!
  • Can we expect the same service as big popular real estate companies?
    ACTUALLY BETTER! We are full-time, full-service agents who answer our phones and take care of you every step of the way. We know the market and local contractors and title companies who are the best at what they do. Many of us were trained at Carpenter Realtors®, Keller Williams®, Century 21®, FC Tucker®, REMAX® and worked there for years before coming to Green Pocket Realty! Conversely, just because you hire a big-company 6%-7% commission agent does NOT GUARANTEE you will get good service.
  • What service will you use for showings at my house?
    We use BrokerBay®, the industry leader for a comprehensive showing service. Over 90% of Central Indiana use BrokerBay.
  • Do you use high-tech lockboxes on my house or those cheap combo-boxes?
    We use Masterlock® the most secure and advanced Bluetooth® real estate lockboxes on the market.
  • Will you take photos of my home with your phone?
    NO! We invest in professional photography that will make your home stand out over your competition. The MLS® is filled with bad photos that make buyers want to click off. Green Pocket Realty uses 100% PROFESSIONAL photography for each and every listing. Check out our PHOTOSHOOTS
  • Do you provide marketing services like drone video or 3D imagery?
    Yes, of course! We have a licensed drone pilot on staff who provides amazing video of our listings. Check out our work!
  • What about the flyers that you put in our house – will they be quality?
    We have received more praise than we can count for our print marketing. Our design team brings a whole new WOW factor to your listing. We print booklets that show everything from you utility costs, age of the roof to your trash pickup day. Check this out...
  • Do you provide a “Take One” box in our front yard?
    We direct our marketing dollars to the placed that will get you noticed. We have found that the only people that take flyers from those boxes are nosy neighbors. Not only that, but usually water and dirt infiltrate those boxes and cause paper to get wrinkled and dirty. Serious buyers will discover your home on the Internet not in a plastic box.
  • Do you advertise in the newspapers?
    We direct our marketing dollars to the placed that will get you noticed. Since 99.9% of all interest comes from the internet, that is where we focus. Print advertising can be expensive and does not yield that same results as online advertising. Ask yourself when you see real estate listings in the Classifieds, "who pays for all this"? The answer is "YOU". We want to be smart with how we use your money. Most buyers will find your home on the Internet.
  • Do you advertise in those "finder" pamphlets I see in restaurants?"
    This was a popular technique in the 1970's and 80's but now the Internet has made those pamphlets obsolete. Many of those homes have already been sold by the time a buyer sees it in a pamphlet. Again, when spending the commission dollars you pay us, we have to be smart. A vast majority of buyers will find your home on the Internet.
  • Will we get the highest possible price by working with GPR?
    YES! Mark and his team have sold many homes since 2013 and know how to negotiate to get you you the best possible price - in spite of appraisals and inspections. Check out our long list of SOLD homes Along with our lower commissions you will SELL FOR HIGHER AND NET MORE MONEY at closing than with our competitors.
  • Will you help me stage my house?
    ABSOLUTELY! We have a staging guide and will provide walk-through advice for those who just want helpful tips. For those looking for a full-time stager, we have the right connections to get your home looking it’s best. Also we know GREAT LOCAL HOUSE CLEANING PEOPLE like Mariana Sweeny- she is AMAZING!
  • Will you help me identify repair issues before we list?
    YES! We know common things that inspectors look for and we help address them BEFORE your home goes on the market. We will advise you on common concerns and how to proactively address issues.
  • I just want to sell my house "by owner"!"
    Did you know that MOST BUYERS already have an agent who must be compensated? Are you going to pay that fee? Are you going to list on the MLS®? There is a cost for that. How about professional photography, video/drone and advertising - are you up for all that? How about showings? Are you going to manage the all the phone calls and scheduling as to when buyers come in your house? How about negotiating with a buyers agent? Do you know the details of a Purchase Agreement and how buyers and their agents can take advantage of you? Save yourself the hassle and hire us at 3.9% - we really are the BEST DEAL in town! Think about it, if you have to pay a buyers agent anyway - why not add us for .9% more and we will handle it all!
    LOL- no problem! The best way for us to answer your questions is with a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation. We can meet at your home, explain how we work, and give you an idea of what to expect in terms of selling price and timing. We LOVE SELLING HOMES and we LOVE PEOPLE- so just give us a ring!
  • Do you compensate buyer’s agents to bring buyers?
    YES - WE DO! On our 3.9% - we pay the buyer's agent (know in the biz as a "co-op agent"). We pay out as much as 3% to buyers agents. The percentage goes down slightly as the sold price goes up. We don't skimp on compensating hard-working agents that bring buyers. Everything we do for our clients and other agents is a WIN-WIN-WIN!
  • Do you have cool home finder app?
    YES! is the best app for buyers to use to find homes on their phone or desktop. Every "big brand" has an app - but keep in mind those agents simply want their branding on the app so you end up calling them. Use an app that you are most comfortable with and make sure you contact a Green Pocket agent for the best overall experience.
  • Are you guys local?
    YES! Mark Perrine started Green Pocket Realty in Noblesville in 2017 with a passion to offer better service without the high commissions. We all live right here in Central Indiana. Cities where we have recently sold are... Noblesville Fishers Carmel Avon Westfield Greenfield Greenwood Plainfield Indianapolis Anderson Lapel Pendleton Muncie Stilesville Brownsburg Sharpsville McCordsville Crawfordsville Roachdale Rushville We love selling homes all over the 17 counties of Central Indiana and we don't mind driving. Give us a call!
  • How does Green Pocket Realty manage paperwork?
    We use DotLoop, the industry standard for e-signatures, compliance with real estate law and secure document storage. But if you are more comfortable with paper documents- we can do that, too.
  • How does closing work?
    We insist on a "NO-SURPRISE" closing that is smooth and easy. First American Title and Penny Tracey are our choice for their long history of exceptional customer service and low closing fees. Watch Penny Tracey of First American Title talk about this important step.
  • Is Green Pocket Realty involved in local Realtor associations?
    YES! We believe that being involved locally means staying informed on real estate trends, markets, and legal issues. We are all members of MIBOR® (Mid Indiana Bureau of Realtors), IAR® (Indiana Assocation of Realtors), NAR® (National Association of Realtors), and our local chapters of MIBOR that meet monthly. Be confident in knowing that your Green Pocket Realty agent is professionally connected to provide you the best 360° representation.
  • Can you help me with real estate legal issues?
    While we are not attorneys ourselves, we have access to the Indiana Association of Realtors Legal Hotline to ask questions of licensed attorneys. This is a FREE SERVICE we offer our clients. In addition, if you need direct legal counsel, we highly recommend Chris Streibeck at He and his team are amazing attorneys and know how to help you with a wide variety of real estate legal issues. We HIGHLY recommend Chris and his team!
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