Why do agents charge 6% or 7% commission?

Answer:  Big brokers CHOOSE to have big expenses.


Beautiful Office Buildings


Many local real estate companies have beautiful offices located on prime real estate in the nicest part of town.  Who do you think pays for that?

We have found that home sellers like to be visited at their home (doesn't that make more sense?) 


Think about it: why would you go to an expensive office building to talk about selling your home?  There's no need for us to spend millions of dollars on fancy offices.  Instead we put those dollars back in your pocket!


Layers of Bureaucracy 


Look at the "ABOUT" section of any major real estate company website: "chairman of the board", "vice-chairman", CEO’s, presidents, executive officers, etc.  


How do these people affect the sale of your home?

Selling your home is a local event with agents and buyers.  Here at Green Pocket Realty everyone is FOCUSED on selling your house!


Advertising Gimmicks


Who ultimately pays for those real estate hot air balloons?  Unfortunately the customer ultimately pays.  


We don't waste your money on things unrelated from your home selling!